Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kitchen Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I am so excited to share what I have been up to in our new/old kitchen today! For those that are new to my blog, or have not seen my posts in a while, we decided to buy my parent's home after they moved out of state last year, and have been busy updating it ever since. You can read more about our move and new home HERE

This kitchen holds a lot of memories for my children, lots of baking with grandma, playing with bubbles in the sink, birthdays, and holidays. They were a little concerned about me changing Grandma's kitchen, but understood that after 18 years, it was time for an update.

Painting kitchen cabinets can seem like an intimidating job at first! I did a lot of reading on the subject, discovering there are many ways to do it. It can seem overwhelming trying to decide which way to go. I read about the good and bad , the mistakes people made, the success stories, and I kept coming back to the one paint I felt comfortable with, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

I have been painting furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the past five years, and have always been so happy with how all of my projects turned out, including our king size bed that still looks great after being painted with it two years ago.

I love how no sanding is required with chalk paint, just a good cleaning of the cabinets. Krud Kutter is a popular suggested cleaner to use for this, and I was impressed with how quickly it cleaned the cabinets! Chalk paint is also washable, and forgiving, which is great for a messy painter like me!

I chose to mix Annie Sloan's Pure White and Old White chalk paint together for my cabinets. 50/50.  The blend of the two turned out to be the perfect creamy shade I was wanting!

I  removed all of the cabinet doors for this project. I also numbered the doors and cabinets, so there would be no confusion when hanging them after being painted.  After scrubbing the front and backs of the doors and cabinet bases with Krud Kutter, and letting it dry well, I started with painting and waxing the backs of the doors first. Another thing I love about chalk paint is that it dries so quickly! Since this kitchen does not have that many cabinet doors, I ended up doing three coats of paint, and two coats of wax. I will probably add a third coat of wax in a few months just to add more protection to the cabinets. This process took me five days, as I let the wax cure 24 hours on the backs of the doors before turning them over to paint the front of the doors, and gave the front of the doors another 24 to cure before hanging them. This process worked well for me!

Something I suggest, getting good brushes! I chose to invest in Annie's brushes.If you take good care of them, and clean them properly, they will last a long time.  They work so well, and for a project this important, you want to get it right. So use a good quality paint and wax brush.

My parent's home was built 18 years ago, when orange builders oak was all the rage. I can't tell you how satisfying it was to cover this color with such a creamy gorgeous paint! It was therapeutic to say the least!  :) 

If you are new to chalk paint, I would suggest watching a few YouTube videos and attending ASCP classes in your area from a stockist if possible. The biggest mistake people often make is with using too much wax, or not waxing properly. Waxing is actually a very easy process if you learn to do it properly.And it gives such a gorgeous finish.

I am very happy with how the cabinets turned out, but if I was doing it all over again. I would have done one thing differently. I would have done a one good coat of a heavy primer first. I have been painting furniture with ASCP for years, and have never had this happen to me before, but I had three cabinets, only three, that decided to be rebels and hang on to the orange oak and bleed through a bit. I ended up doing seven coats to cover those three stubborn doors. It was a little crazy, as I have never had that happen with ASCP before, and it was only three doors. I feel the primer would have helped prevent that issue.

To give more interest and character to the kitchen, I decided to leave the doors off of the end cabinets. I originally wanted to remove the cabinets and have open shelving, but learned there would be a big hole in the wall from the electrical wiring for the lighting under the cabinets. And that was a project I did not have time for. So I went with leaving the doors off. I really love how it turned out. 

After requests from my children, I decided to add pops of red this Christmas in the kitchen for them. I love how it turned out. 

This counter I call my little Farmer's Market. This is normally  filled with produce for my organic smoothies and vegan recipes that have been so beneficial to healing my chronic illness of Interstitial Cystitis. I am still on the hunt for the right chopping and serving boards I would like to have in this area.

A project I will be doing after Christmas, is painting the doors of the pantry and mud room black. Add trim to the top of the pantry doors, and add matching hardware on all doors  I think it will add a nice contrast to the room, and compliment the black accents I have in the kitchen.

I originally had plans to puts some shelves in the space between the pantry and mud room doors. I quickly realized though, that it was too high traffic of an area.  I could see things being knocked off quite easily in that spot. This shelving piece I found at Sam's Club, provided the perfect solution. Everything is safely tucked away, and yet can still be seen.

One of my favorite changes to this space is the lighting, I found these black lanterns on Joss and Main. I love that they have no glass to dust and polish!

Another project I would also like to do in the future, is add moulding the the tops of the cabinets.

We also added a farmhouse island we bought from one of my favorite stores, The White Rabbit in St. Louis.  It just so happened that the combination of Old White and Pure White of ASCP I used on the cabinets, matched the island perfectly! I was so thrilled when I realized I would not have to paint the island at all. As I like the finish on it anyway.

 The stools I ordered from Joss and Main. The island added a lot to the feel I wanted in the kitchen. A cozy, cottage/farmhouse style. My kids rarely sit at our dining table anymore, they love the island. 

The island also has provided with me some great extra storage! I love it's rustic barn doors on the back side.

Thank you for stopping by to see my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint makeover and updates in my kitchen!

We have been working hard on our entryway, which is the area I will be sharing next. Here is a sneak peek...

God Bless,

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pastel Girls Room Makeover

             Today I thought I would share my daughter Samantha's new room we finished for her a couple of weeks ago. Moving into a new home, Samantha was ready for a new look in her new room. She chose a palette of pastels, pink, mint, and lavender accented with white and gold. Sami is eleven, so I wanted to find a balance of making this room suitable for a girl growing into her teen years, while still celebrating what was left of her being a "little" girl. She helped in making most of the design decisions in her room and I think she did such a great job!

We started with her bed, dresser, and gray walls.We are often asked where her bed and dresser came from, we bought them from Sams Club nine years ago. They are made by Whalen Furniture and have held up extremely well over the years.

The first step was painting the room, we chose Voile Pink by Ben Moore, Purple Essence by Clark & Kensington and Tame Teal by Sherwin Williams.

The quilt set and drapery panels we chose are from Pottery Barn Kids, The fur pillows are from Homegoods. The gold heart sheets, lamp, and pillow came from Target.And the gold alarm clock, from Amazon.

The gold heart garland, white pennant banner, and glitter name garland all came from Pearl and Jane on ETSY. The tassel garland I ordered from Amazon. I love layering garlands, to add depth and textures.
The gold dot decals I found on Amazon, they were very easy to apply and are removable.

The wall art came from Hobby Lobby and Homegoods. And of course we had to put a picture of Sami's baby on her nightstand, our rescued papachi (papillion/chihuahua) Little Prince George Smores Charming.

The poms, I ordered from Amazon, and we had to make them. It was fun. You can never have too many poms in my book! :) I hung them using tacks and it worked well, I started with the largest ones and built from there, arranging as I went. Some were hung from the ceiling and some to the wall. We added battery LED fairy lights from Target. And the star garland is also from Pearl and Jane on ETSY.

Prince is sure when there is camera out, it is for him! He has posed for pictures on his own without any help since he was a tiny puppy. He is such a great little guy. :)

For extra storage we added two HEMNES bookcases from IKEA on either side of her dresser. 

The glitter heart canvas was on clearance at Homegoods.  The large star light was a Christmas special at IKEA, I added the touches gold to it. The Girl Boss bag is from Charming Charlie and the peace marquis sign came from Target. The gold dot runner is from the Target dollar aisle, it was scarf and I did a no sew treatment to it to make it a runner with a glue gun and ribbon for the ends.

On the opposite side of the room we made a desk area. We found a great deal for the desk on an online yard sale, we painted it Tame Teal and added the gold hardware.

The lamp, round shelf, and memo boards all came from Target's Pillowfort Collection. The pom pom garland I found on Christmas clearance at a local boutique.

The flowers and hustle sign all came from Homegoods.

Sami loved this fox lamp because it reminded her of Prince.

The white fur desk chair came from Homegoods, the city names did also.

Sami decided to make a vision board on the top and a memory board on the bottom.

My daughter loves her new room, and told me she can't believe it's hers, which made me so happy, I'm glad she appreciates her new room. :)

Have a blessed day!


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