Friday, August 24, 2012

60 Days Until Disney Countdown Party!

60 days until Disney! It's actually closer than that now, almost to 50 days as I write this post, and the excitement is building in this house!I have a Disney countdown app on my iphone that goes off everyday with our countdown number, I love the look on my daughter's face when it goes off, and she asks "How many days now?" all excitedly. We will begin our countdown chart soon. I have started a packing list of all the little things I might forget, or not think of when packing, like ear plugs for the loud fireworks, floaties for the pool, rain ponchos for the downpours (you can buy them at Disney World, but they aren't cheap.) all cell phone and camera chargers and batteries, stamps and addresses for mailing post cards from Disney World and Hogwarts, a pack it freezer bag to store our chocolate frogs in, the list goes on!

 For our 60 Days Countdown Party, we chose Pirates of the Caribbean. We LOOOOVE this movie and the ride at Disney World! I am still mad Johnny Depp didn't win the Oscar for his performance as Captain Jack, although, he is just Captain Jack in my book. We had a pirate feast complete with Sponge Bob Pirate Booty, a must have for any pirate party. The kids said so.
This party was really fun to decorate for! We had a pirate flag from the kids fort, I dug out our skull from the Halloween boxes, the kids rounded up all the treasure they had, and we borrowed some of grandma's treasure chests from the grand kid's play room at her house.
We had root beer for rum, rotisserie chicken, rolls, grapes, green apples in honor of Captain Barbossa, pirate flag cupcakes, and of course, Sponge Bob Pirate Booty chips.

Arrrrrrgh!!! 60 days to go Matey! 

Thanks for stopping by our 60 Days to Disney Countdown Party! I will return next week with some fall sneak peeks, and a very special countdown party. Have a great weekend!


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