Thursday, August 9, 2012

Counting Down To Disney!

This past spring, we had plans for new flooring and a kitchen redo. I was really excited about it, I had been dreaming of ripping up our stained UGLY carpet, and changing the colors in the kitchen for a loooong time. As time got close to start the projects, I suddenly realized something. My son Patriot was going to be turning 10 the next month, where had the time gone? We are getting into double digits now! My little boy is growing up. There is something we have always wanted to do as a family, and that is take a fun filled vacation to Disney World in Florida. So, I decided to put the flooring and kitchen on hold, we could afford to do it next spring, we were going to Disney World! Since then I have been fully immersed into planning our trip,and it has been so much fun! The one thing I have learned is to do your homework. There is so much to do, and you only have so much time. You can't do it all, so carefully make your schedule and make sure to put the things you don't want to miss on it. And make reservations as early as you can. I woke up at the crack of dawn to score a reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table with the princesses, and I will admit, I am as excited as my daughter Samantha is to dine in the castle. :) 
Back in 2009, my mother took my children and I to Disney World. My husband had started a new job at the time, so he couldn't go. He has never been, and really is a big kid at heart, so I can't wait to take him. When we went in 2009, I had not been to Disney World since I was three. I remembered it well, and wondered if it would be as wonderful as I had remembered now that I was an adult. I was not disappointed, it was better than I had remembered. There is only one word for Disney World, MAGIC. It truly is the happiest place on earth. It doesn't matter how old you are, all your cares go way and you just have fun, lots and lots of magical fun. We didn't want to come home, and have wanted to go back ever since.
Passed out before we even left the parking lot, we just had too much fun. I have made sure to schedule some breaks into our trip. :)
As time has started to get close to our trip in October, we have decided to have a Countdown To Disney Party every ten days until the trip! If I had thought of this earlier, we would have started at 100 days, but since I thought of it after, we started at 90 days. Since we are saving all our extra pennies for spending money for the trip, I am keeping the parties low budget and simple. Aside from the cost of the food, which isn't much, and can come out of your grocery budget, I have kept the parties at $10.00 max. And so far, I have kept it under $10.00. So if you think countdown parties would be too costly, they really don't have to be, and they are so much fun! We have been having fun choosing our movie and dinner themes. Then we get creative for our decorations, we basically just use what we have. Luckily I have a party box where I have saved all the leftovers and supplies from birthdays and parties we have had in the past and that has really come in handy.
The theme for our first countdown party, was Toy Story. We had pizza in honor of Pizza Planet, and made space alien cupcakes from a recipe I found at Disney Family Fun. We enjoyed our pizza and cupcakes while watching the movie.
When Patriot was two, he had me write his name on Woody's other boot. I will always keep this Woody. I think I could have recited the entire movie that year, as he had to watch it daily.
Space Alien cupcakes, these were fun to make with the kids. You can find them at
I will be making a series of Disney posts, with our countdown parties and of course our trip, so if you were only coming to see decorating, I hope you can bear with me, as we are all about Disney at the moment! I am very anxious to get fall decorating going though, Sept. 1, it is all coming out. I will return soon with our 80 days until Disney countdown party ! Have a magical day!


  1. Oh, I am very excited for you! LOVE DISNEY and I agree with your ecard! ;)
    I think the parties are a great idea and may have to borrow it when we decide to start planning our trip in the next couple years.

    1. Thanks Robyn, I think planning is almost as much fun as the trip! :) How fun for you, definitely do some parties, they just add the the excitement of the trip. :)

  2. How fun! I just love what you are doing with the children. Making special memories with them is just as important as bringing them fun places. Such cute ideas for your "parties". Have fun with the countdown and especially at Disney!! Blessings~Sara


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