Saturday, September 29, 2012

20 Days Until Disney Countdown Party!

Bonjour! This week we celebrated 20 days until Disney! Since it wasn't fair to make Patriot suffer through another princess themed party, we chose a french double feature.  We played the French Cafe channel on Pandora radio for this party, and everyone got into a french mood. That music makes you feel like cooking, even if you are just warming up some Campbells soup. 

Ratatouille and Beauty and the Beast.

Here is what was on the menu,

Remy Riesling and Belle Bordeaux, Fine French wines, (sparkling cider)

                                                    Chef Gusteaus's French cream puffs

                                  Belle's Baguettes and of course, french fries. (could this meal need any more starches?)

                                                    And finally, Remy's famous soup!

          We dined by candlelight, and the kids decided to dress up for the fine french dining.

                                Remy's famous soup received rave reviews. (thank you Campbells)

                        (And no, even though it was close, her hair didn't make it into the soup.)

Time is really starting to fly as we get closer, here is the countdown chart and paper chain we made to countdown to Disney. I gave the kids full creative freedom, and I love what they did. We found the Disney stickers at Michaels. They had so much fun making this chart, and every morning they go the the chart first thing to add their sticker, and remove the chain link for the day.

We received two things in the mail this week that added to the Disney excitement! The first thing was a postcard that arrived from Orlando, 

Mickey and Minnie sent the kids a message, a very sweet coworker of my husband's was going to be in Orlando, and offered to have Mickey and Minnie send the kids a postcard.

The kids also received their lanyards and pins to start pin trading when we get to Disney. I read that you could find great deals on pins to start your pin trading on ebay. What a great tip! I found a seller who has authentic Disney pins for trading and lanyards. The auction was for your choice of two lanyards and 20 random  authentic Disney pins, all for a great price! The kids had fun seeing what pins came, and deciding which ten to choose for their starter pins. Now we need to read up on our pin trading etiquette.

Thanks for stopping by our 20 Days Until Disney countdown Party!  Have a magical day1



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