Monday, September 17, 2012

40 Days Until Disney Countdown Party!

When we first decided to count down to our Disney vacation with a themed movie and dinner party every 10 days, there was one thing we knew for certain. There would be a Star Wars party. Star Wars is HUGE in this house. My husband has been a die hard fan since his early childhood. I was also a pretty big fan growing up. Our kids have followed, and are well educated in the ways of the Force.
I think I have had a crush on Han Solo since I was three years old.
One of the things we are really looking forward to is the newly revamped Star Tours ride at Hollywood Studios, and the Jedi Training Academy. We really enjoyed it our last visit. This will be my husband's first time to experience all the Star Wars awesomeness at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I would not be surprised if the boys leave Samantha and I in a cloud of dust when we pass through the gates to the park that morning.

We had so much fun getting ready for this party, I had Patriot and my husband bring out all their favorite Star Wars things and we just went with it, decorating the table and dining room with all their things.

We decided to go with the first original Star Wars movie for the evening. Star Wars, A New Hope.

Here is what was on the menu.............

Wookie Cookies,  (I vowed to keep these parties simple, easy, and cheap, there is a wookie cookie recipe out there, but I let the Pillsbury dough boy take care of this one for me.)

Princess Leia Cinna buns.   (Pillsbury Grands easy!)

                                                                       Boba Burritos

                                                      Yoda Soda  (Lime sherbert and 7 UP)

                                                               Tie Fighter Smores

                                                              Light saber pretzel sticks

                                                                Galaxy Grilled Cheese.

                                                                      Jabba Jiggles

                                                                 Boba and his burrito.

                  All the food was so easy to prepare, and the kids loved it! It is so hard to believe we only have a few parties left before the big trip! I will return soon with our 30 day Countdown Party, and some fall decorating. May the Force be with you, always.


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