Sunday, September 2, 2012

50 Days Until Disney Countdown Party! & A Fall Sneak Peek

50 Days until Disney! This was a special countdown party, not only was it 50 days until our Disney vacation, it was also my daughter Samantha's birthday. So of course the birthday girl got to choose the theme for this party. She chose one of her very favorites, Princess And The Frog. I remember taking her to see this movie the first day it came out, she loved it so much we had to go back for a second time to see it. 

We celebrated Samantha's birthday the weekend before the countdown party, since her real birthday landed on a Monday, so having the countdown party was a perfect way to still make her real birthday special. It is so hard to believe my sweet baby girl is 7 years old now. 
Samantha is a huge Princess Tiana fan, and I am hoping she will get to meet Princess Tiana on our trip. 
One of the things we are really looking forward to is where we will be staying for the first three days of our trip. Disney has many on-site resorts to choose from, so many it can be overwhelming to decide at first. This time it was an easy choice for us to make though, we chose the Port Orleans Riverside. We will be staying in one of their new Royal guest rooms.
The story of the guest room is that you are a guest of Princess Tiana, all of her friends, the Disney Princesses,  have stayed in the room before you, each leaving a gift for Tiana that you will find throughout the room. This should be a very fun stay, and I will be posting a review of  our experience in the royal room, and the Disney Port Orleans Riverside Resort.. I do like how they have not made the rooms too girly, I think little boys would enjoy this room also. The fiber optic headboards look like a magical touch! 
Now on to the party! I had to keep this one very simple, since I had already thrown a birthday party for Samantha the day before. I also was able to keep under my $10.00 party budget, only purchasing a table cloth, one pack of Tiana decorations, paper plates, and 2 cups.
It was a little weird having a New Orleans themed party as Hurricane Isaac was approaching New Orleans that day, it reminded me of when Samantha was born and Hurricane Katrina was on the way. I put my Pandora radio on the New Orleans jazz channel and the kids has a little lesson in jazz and Louis Armstrong as we prepared for the party. Then we of course listened to the Princess and The Frog soundtrack as we ate.
I would have loved to have made some gumbo or jambalaya for this party, but I know my kids would not have eaten it. Crawdads would have been fun, but we are not in the area for that either.  So on the menu we had shrimp with pasta, swamp gummy bugs, purple princess cupcakes, sparkling birthday cider, and of course beignets. Now, try not to laugh at our "beignets" I could not find a bakery in our area that made them, and I did not have time to make them myself, so we settled for.......doughnut holes. Tiana would be disgusted we called them beignets, but hey, they were good, although I'm sure they were nothing compared to Tiana's beignets! :)

The rose on the table was given to Samantha by Princess Tiana when we went to Disney on Ice a couple years ago. We were lucky enough to have front row seats, and Sami had dressed as Tiana for the show, during the show, before we knew what was happening, Prince Naveen and Tiana skated up to Sami, Naveen pulled out the rose and handed it to Tiana, who handed it to Samantha. She was so stunned and star struck she could barely reach her little hand out to take the rose. It was a perfect Disney magic moment, I really wish I had a picture of it. She always keeps her rose from Tiana on her vanity in her room.
For the movie Samantha invited all her girls from New Orleans, Tiana, Lottie, and her American Girls, Cecile and Marie Grace, who are historical dolls from New Orleans in 1853. Patriot was such good sport for this whole party, and our next party will make up for all the girliness of this one!
With the remnants of Isaac giving us lots of much needed rain, and the calendar turning to September, I am in such a fall mood!! Here is a sneak peek of what I have done on my mantle for fall. I will be posting more fall decor soon, and our 40 days until Disney party. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


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