Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shut The Barn Door! & It's Spring!

       I had something very exciting happen to me last month! Have you ever found something exactly like you had pictured in your mind for the longest time? That is what happened to me. When I first bought this white door for the corner of my living room, I loved it, but also had pictured something more rustic, something with more texture and warmth, something that was a bit more shack than fancy. I love the mix of rustic and elegance together. An old barn door would be perfect. Where was I going to find a barn door? I checked craigslist and a few antiques stores, but found nothing. Then I gave up the search for a few months.
Last month while driving home that little voice inside me said, "Why don't you stop by The Painted Horse to see what they have in?"  They always say to listen to that little voice inside you, right? So I stopped, I looked around, and then went out the the carriage house. As I walked into the carriage house, my eyes wandered over to the back corner, it was then that angels started singing and a light shone down upon on it, a barn door! And not just any barn door, the PERFECT barn door! The old, worn, pale weathered tone, barn door that I had pictured in my mind, rusty old nails and all!  My kids thought I was crazy for being so excited over a barn door, but they were good sports to help hold it up between them on the short ride home.

I am not sure if I will eventually hang something on it, or not, but for now I am enjoying it's rustic simplicity.

I am so glad spring has finally arrived, here are a few spring touches I have around our home this year.

I added a nest of robin's eggs and a mossy pot of pansies to my terrarium.

Our weeping cherry is in bloom this week,it is always one of my favorites.
Our Bradford Pear tree is also in bloom.

So happy to have bubble blowing, barefoot days again!

Have a great day!


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